Quilting Again... and Loving it!

That's right, I have caught the quilting bug again! About 12 years ago when I had my daughter, I laid down my quilting needle for the most part and focused on smaller quicker projects like my Mohair Bears and Friends. I loved how I could complete one and make someone's day brighter in a fun sweet way. They bring a sense of joy to the room, no matter how old you are. They are an heirloom finish and they all have so much character, it was easy to get sucked into putting most of my sewing time into them. Here's a sweet sampling of the ones available now.

This is Geoffrey Giraffe ... He was finished right at the time Toys R Us was closing it's business... so I wanted to honor them by naming him after their mascot.

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Recently, I decided I wanted to switch the comforter on our bed, so I went searching for just the right one. As I searched, I noticed there are beautiful ones out on the market, but none of them were what I was looking for or the colors were just not right. So one day as I was admiring some quilt posts on Instagram I came across one that inspired a new creation for us. A new pattern I asked my mom Gloria to design that would fit my King size bed. 

I am a lover of scrappy two tone quilts, so the red and creams/tans pallet that was created for it... I fell in love with!

I am so blessed to have such a talented mom... she is truly a treasure to me and to all who know her. Many of you reading this know Gloria Parsons who owns Olde Green Cupboard. Well, God blessed me with her as a mom, friend, and a talent to follow and learn from. She laid out this beautiful pallet and blessed me with the fabric to make it!! I told you she is AMAZING! 

So I cut..cut..cut and then went to town sewing it... which I have to admit... It was a relearning process with a very new pattern we've never tried, and a rusty quilter combination... (there are many things not perfect with this first attempt quilt, but I love it and I learned a ton, the hard way...lol!! )

During one of our quilt retreats we host here in Florida, I laid out all the finished blocks to finally start assembling the rows... It looked so pretty all laid out... I was so excited to get it completed so I could finally see it on my bed! 

I finished it right before the retreat weekend was over... perfect timing!

As I laid it on my bed to see how it was going to fit, I fell in love with it all over again! Now it is off to the quilter. (Who is another amazingly talented woman in my life, my mom's twin sister, my Aunt Vicky Iannucci.) Man, I am so blessed with being surrounded with amazing women in my life and the talent, creativity, and love they share is beyond measure...

Once I receive it back and complete the binding, I will definitely add to this post to show you the full quilt. And, although this pattern is not available to order yet... be sure to check out the other patterns we've created and that are available for immediate download HERE!

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  • What a talented lady. God has given all of us, many blessings! Have fun!


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